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Show Off Your Awesome Online Futures Trading!

Do you ever make trades that make you feel awesome!?! When online futures trading I know I do, once in a while... When you do make an awesome trade, do you wish you could show it off? Or maybe document is as an instructional tool to show someone else how to get it done? This part of the website is for doing exactly that. Submit your trade here.

Document your trades that you are proud of and share them! Use trades that either made you a lot of money, or trades that you thought were executed perfectly.

Just prepare an image of your trade and put it up with a description of your trading strategy, entry and exit points, and of course... the profit!

You can prepare an image as easily as using the "ctrl + prnt scrn" keys while your chart is displayed on the screen and then pasting into a blank Paint file. Then cut and paste the important visual parts of your screen shot into a new Paint file, add some arrows or lines, and there you have it. Just upload and add some comments to complete your submission.

When you make a submission, don't forget to add a title so that everyone knows what they are looking at. Be sure to include: the date, the contract and contract month, the chart time frame, the position (long or short). Here is an example "Dec 15, 2011, March CAD/USD, 60min, Long" or "Jan 1, 2012, Feb Nat.Gas, Daily, Long".

Don't forget to leave comments on other people's awesome trades regarding things you found helpful, interesting, or awesome!

Show everybody that online futures trading is full of potential!

Please only use charts that you have permission to display.

Check Out the Submissions at the Bottom of this Page

Show Off Your Awesome Online Futures Trading!

Enter your awesome trades here.

Enter Your Title (contract and contract month, chart's time frame, position (long/short), profit (if you'd like), and date.

Awesome Trade Submissions

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

CAD Dollar - Dec - 60min-Long - Nov17,2011  Not rated yet
I really like this trade because there was a clear price to MACD divergence in both the MACD histogram and the MACD moving averages. The divergence gave ...

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