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Learn Futures Trading with Books, Websites, and other Educational Resources

I love reading books to learn futures trading and investing. Do you ever find yourself searching for a book to learn more about futures and trading, or investing in general, and find yourself lost and wondering which of the thousand of books available might be good for you?

In my own personal experience, most of those books are garbage. However, there are many diamonds in the rough out there. These trading knowledge jewels are few and far between, but they do exist.

In this section of the website, people who use this site and myself post reviews for books, videos, or editorials, or even events (or anything at all) that they have read, viewed, or attended. That way, we can all gain from each others past experiences and make smart decisions when buying new material to learn futures trading. Submit your review.

I encourage you to look through the lists for information, and to submit your own reviews too. Just remember, your review should be about futures, trading, investing, or finance in some way. Please be sure that your review provides useful and personal input regarding a publication, video, or event. The more you can talk about your own personal experiences, the better!

Please include books, videos (internet or otherwise), seminars or online day trading schools, magazines, newspapers... and the list goes on. Reviews on other websites, business news internet, television, or radio channels are all welcome here. So long as the review consists of your own personal opinions and experiences.

These are some things you might want to include in your review:

Title, Name, Station, or Website URL

Publisher, TV or Radio Station, Sponsor

Publisher, Event Location, Corporate Owner/Author

Date of Publication, Event, Broadcast

Date that You Viewed, Read, or Attended

How you learned about it?

Was it easy to read?

Was it easy to understand?

What you thought about the author, speaker, presenter? Were they qualified?

Was it enjoyable?

Did you learn something new, or did it reinforce or add to something you already knew?

Would you read, watch, attend a 2nd, 3rd time?

Are you recommending or not recommending it?

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Do you want to help people learn futures trading? I invite you to share you review of a book, video, magazine, event, course, website, advisory service, or anything that is investing related.

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Reviews People Have Submitted

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The Intelligent Investor 
The Intelligent Investor, written by expert investor Benjamin Graham, covers the principles of value investing focusing on stocks and bonds. Benjamin Graham's …

Security Analysis Not rated yet
Security Analysis is the original text by Benjamin Graham that opens up the world of value investing. Co-written by David Dodd, this text is an in-depth …

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