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Futures Trading How to use this Website. Before you even begin to make good use of this website, you must be familiar with what futures are and how margin and leverage work. There are thousands of references to this on the internet. They are not difficult concepts to grasp. Once you understand what futures contracts are and how margin and leverage work, go to CMEGroup andTheICE and get familiar with what the monetary value of a "tick" is worth for some of the futures you want to watch. For example, a change in one tick of sugar futures is $11.20, and a change in one tick of corn futures is $12.50 and one point in corn futures is $50. A change in one tick of the USDX (US Dollar index) is $10, and so forth. It's important that you know by heart how much money is being changed on a per contract basis when you watch prices move. That way you can better determine your level of comfort within different contracts.

Once you're familiar with the afore mentioned concepts, then go to the page Trading Strategies. Get familiar with the theories behind swing trading and MACD divergences. These are very important trading concepts in the way that I trade and make trading demonstrations in the Futures Blog.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the basic concepts behind swing trading strategy and MACD divergence strategy in the Trading Strategies, then start looking at the Futures Blog. I usually make a post at least once a week, but often more. I rarely make posts every day.

What you should be looking for in the Futures Blog is to familiarize yourself with identifying opportunities to enter trades. Observe when a trade is based on an MACD divergence setup and when it is based on a swing trade setup. Learn how the two relate to each other. Then use those examples to try and find similar setups in the markets that you like, and in the time frames that you like.

This is the main goal of my website, is to give examples of how I enter trades so that other people can observe and then mimic in their preferred markets. Hopefully, people can customize, personalize, and improve on what I demonstrate and then perhaps provide me with some Feedback.

During the time that you spend comparing and applying my trading style to your chosen markets, be sure to look at my reviews and read some of the books I recommend and look at some of the other websites to broaden your understanding of what is going on in the markets. Also, feel free to submit your own product reviews in that section.

Hopefully, over time, all this information will give you some added "futures trading how to".


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