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2012-06-06 TRADE Sugar

2012-06-05 TRADE US Dollar Index

2012-06-02 Sugar Update, USDX, Gold

2012-05-30 Sugar Update, TRADES

2012-05-26 Sugar, USDX

2012-05-24 TRADE USDX

2012-05-18 Sugar

2012-05-15 TRADE Sugar

2012-05-14 TRADE US Dollar Index

2012-05-14 Copper & Gold

2012-05-13 Trading Corn

2012-05-07 TRADE Corn

2012-05-02 TRADE Sugar

2012-04-30 TRADE Dollar Index

2012-04-26 TRADE July Oats

2012-04-21 GBP Short, Gold, AUD

2012-04-14 Sugar Gold AUD/USD

2012-04-10 TRADE Australian Dollar

2012-08-09 TRADE Gold

2012-04-08 Trading Gold Futures


May Sugar Futures

2012-03-18 Japanese Yen

2012-03-11 T-Bonds, DX Long, AUD/USD Short

2012-02-26 GBP/USD and USDX Reversals

2012-02-21 Index Reversal?

2012-02-17 GBP & CAD Reversal?

2012-02-16 Gold Prices

2012-02-14 US Dollar Index

2012-02-10 Market Reversal?

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