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Market Forum

Market Forum is a website that does exactly what its title suggests. It is a forum for futures related discourse. The forum operates 24 hours, 7 days. The site does not require special registration. It is extremely user friendly. As a poster, you have the ability add url to an image to your post so you can show other users your ideas. Users have the ability to reply to posts as well.

This site also has a directory under the tab Notice Board that has an extensive listing of futures, and other investment, related websites. There is also a very long list of suggested books.

The site's moderator, Alex McCallum, also provides an interesting autobiography. He speaks of his connection with, as well as some of his previous futures related professional experience. I thought it was particularly interesting what he said about the rubber pits on the London Exchange. I'll let you read for yourself what it was that he says used to go on there.

This site is an excellent venue for discoursing with other traders. Check it out at Market Forum.

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