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Chicago Mercantile Exchange Website (CME Group)

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange website is one of my most used sites. I almost always have a window open with a CME page open. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, often referred to as "The Merc", has basically been around since the beginning of futures trading.

If you have questions like "what is futures trading?" the merc's website is definitely a place where you can get lots of answers. If you want to be trading crude oil futures, trading currency futures, tading index futures, trading gold or silver futures, even e mini futures trading there are definitely some valuable resources at the merc website.

Some of the things I use the most on the merc's website are the futures charts. They are really easy to pop open and choosing indicators is simple. If I don't want to take the time to program a new chart window in my futures trading platform, then it literally takes me about 4 seconds to get one open on the merc site. You can adjust the settings for some of the indicators, but I rarely do since I usually just use the MACD or the volume indicators.

When you open up the page for a particular product (eg: crude oil futures, wheat futures, corn futures, currency futures...), then you get quotes for all the active contracts. Sometimes the list is quite long, for example the natural gas futures quote page lists every month for ten years.

Another feature I really like is that you can switch from the quote page to the contract specifications page very easily. I use the specifications all the time because they state trading hours, expiry days, and all sorts of information that you need to know when you are trading futures. This site is really just so user friendly, and I know for a fact they really care about how easy and user friendly the site is.

Earlier this year, I was contacted by the CME Group to participate in a focus group to test the user friendliness of the site. I agreed and spent about two hours on the phone with one of their guys and went through a number of exercises on a test site. They logged feedback on how easy it was for me to do. A few weeks later, I received a thank you package from them that included a water bottle, pen, and some other stuff with their logo on it and a $25 gift card.

Another feature I use on a regular basis is their holiday calendar. It's important to be aware of when the exchange opens and closes before and after a holiday.

In my opinion this is a very good website and the CME Group has done a very good job. I am quite certain that I will continue to use the site regularly for a long time to come.

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