Trading Zone Binary Options Trading

For those interested in options, Trading Zone is an good introductory overview of binary options. The site seems to be oriented towards people who are familiar with investing and trading, somewhat familiar with options, and just learning about binary options. Personally, I am not terribly familiar with options, let alone binary options. I know the basic idea behind options and option trading, but I would not feel at all comfortable using them since I am not very well informed. What I managed to learn from this website is that binary options are a little bit more "black and white" than normal options. Also, binary options trading seems to function on a much shorter time frame than regular options. It seems as though binary options trading typically takes place on an intraday trading plan.

Another interesting thing about this website is that returns are fairly high, the author states a range of 60%-80% on successful trades on an intraday time frame. Again, the "black or white" nature of this derivative is quite interesting. It seems as though you don't profit depending on how much the price moves, but rather you profit or lose a fixed amount based on which side of the strike price prices close on, or something.

The website goes into some detail about binary options as how they relate to forex, commodities, indices, and stocks. Some explanation is given towards different strategies depending on the market, and a little bit of the authors perception of how the different markets should be traded and taken advantage of.

All in all, I would recommend to someone who wants to begin learning about binary options as one of the many resources they should consider towards gaining a broadly based knowledge on this derivative product.

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