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Swing Trade Stocks

Swing Trade Stocks is a website dedicated to teaching people how to trade stocks using the swing trading method. Although this website is aimed specifically at stocks, I believe the same principles apply to futures and this website does a very good job of teaching the method. The guy who operates this website trades stocks himself, and wants to teach people how he has learned to do it to spare people who are learning the same pains he has undergone over the course of his learning process.

I really like this website because it is very simple and easy to understand. It takes a three step approach to teaching swing trading: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. All of the steps are easy to recognize, apply, and follow. I really like the way he incorporates the concept of TAZ in his swing trading guide. This is an extremely valuable website for people who want to learn a trading style, or even for experienced traders looking for a different perspective on a trading method. There are some examples included that you can observe as you learn. The site also has a pretty good article on how to identify changes in trend. Being able to identify trends is a critical part of swing trading.

The site also has a number of other features and touches on other themes than swing trading, but swing trading is definitely the focus of the site. Just remember, the trading system outlined on this site is very simple. Definitely a credit to the KISS concept. KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid, the idea being that it is stupid not to keep things simple. I'm sure there are a hundred websites out there that will "teach" you how to trade and teach you all sorts of ultra detailed ultra complicated ultra finicky trading systems, and they'll charge you ultra high fees to. Not this site, this site doesn't charge you a dime and does an excellent job of teaching an excellent method.

Check out Swing Trade Stocks. I'll say it again, the technique you learn at this website can be applied to futures quite successfully in a variety of time frames.

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