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Best FX Reviews Site Review

Best FX Reviews is a very well put together website. The website is an extremely valuable resource for anyone doing a comparative analysis of forex brokers. If you are looking for a forex broker, either as a new trader or as someone looking for a change, this website is definitely a resource you want to take into account. The website reviews 20 different forex brokers. On the home page the have a very brief summary of each of the 20 brokers. They also have a page dedicated to each broker, in which they go into great detail about that broker. They also have a comparative table outlining various key features that each broker offers. Included in the comparative table is a link directly to the broker so you can sign up right away.

On the homepage, each of twenty brokers is summarized with "especial features"[;)]. The features are really just anything that differentiates that particular broker, like awards, particular specialties, languages available, things that the brokerage itself might use as marketing hooks. The homepage gives a really brief overview of each forex broker that is reviewed on the site.

On each brokers individual review page, we see a very detailed analysis of what the broker offers. The review starts with an introduction, then follows with:

  • Company Information
  • Contact Details
  • Forex Trading Hours
  • Languages
  • Forex Account & General Information
  • Forex Account Size
  • Deposit Withdrawal Method
  • Commission or Fee Structure
  • Especial Features [;)]
  • General Features
  • Disadvantage
  • Customer Support
  • Final Verdict

The individual pages provide a comprehensive review for 20 different forex brokers. Each broker gets their own page. This is an excellent source of complete information for 20 brokers all in one site.

The Forex Brokers Comparison Chart showcases five features for each of the 20 brokers reviewed on this site. The features include:

  • Minimum Deposit & Trade Size
  • Spread
  • Leverage
  • Auto Trading & Regulation
  • More Information

Under the "more information" column, there is a link directly to the page of the broker being reviewed.

In summary, Best FX Reviews is an excellent resource for anyone looking for information on forex brokers. The site is an efficient, concise, and clear source of information. To my knowledge, the site is independent and objective. If you are looking for a forex broker, you should look at this site.

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