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The ICE: The Intercontinental Exchange

The ICE is one of the leading futures exchanges in the USA, along with CMEGroup. Their best known for trading the "softs" (frozen concentrated orange juice, cocoa, cotton, coffee, sugar), as well as the US Dollar Index. They also trade some energy products, agricultural products, and some Canadian agricultural products like barley and canola.

Some of the things I really like about the intercontinental exchange website are that the contract specifications are listed right below the chart and product info. Sometimes I find the contract specifications a little bit more informative that the ones on the cmegroup website. They also have an easy to access contract expiry table that shows you specific dates for all the months for a particular product class. I find that extremely user friendly. The intercontinental exchange also offers product information brochures in PDF format for all of their listed futures products. I find them very informative.

All in all, I find the website to have a lot of quality information in a generally easy to access format that is fairly user friendly. However, there is one major flaw with the intercontinental exchange website. The charting feature is garbage. I know that there are lots of other places to get charts and I have access to live streaming quotes through my online futures trading platform, but I'd really like to see the intercontinental exchange enhance this feature. I want a website with all the other information they provide, with a comprehensive charting feature. This is the one differentiating fact that, in my mind, makes the cmegroup website superior to the intercontinental exchange website.

If you want to trade futures, this website is a must have. You really need to be familiar with the information here, and you should frequently check here for product updates in the markets that you like to trade. I use mainly the no.11 sugar futures and the US dollar index futures pages.

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