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Brainy Forex Website Review

Brainy Forex is a website that aimed primarily at forex. However, since forex trading, futures trading, and stock trading are very similar, I have decided to include a review in this section. This site has an array of explanatory pages divulging information related to a variety of trading related themes. What makes this site particularly unique is that in almost every section, there is an opportunity and an invitation for users to input their own ideas, theories, strategies, and general information, knowledge, and experiences. The things I found most interesting on this site were the pages dedicated to Gann waves/swings, the directory of trading related resources, and the articles regarding trading psychology.

I am not very comfortable with Gann theory. I understand that it has to do with cyclical waves in financial markets, and pretty much all other aspects of humanity. I kind of get the impression that Gann waves (or swings) are similar to Elliot waves, except that they follow different criteria and function in different time frames. To be quite honest, I use a different trading style and I don't want to corrupt my method by focusing too much on other systems. I will take some time to learn more about Gann waves at some point, but not right now. This site has some interesting articles about Gann waves, to read them click this link Gann theory.

Another interesting feature of this site are the articles dealing with trading psychology. To many, the material covered in these pages may be information you already know. However, it is always refreshing and helpful to review some basic trading psychology ideas. I always find that after a while my trading psychology related rules start to loosen, so a fresh read of someone else's psychology based trading rules always helps me fall back in line. You can read some of the trading psychology material by clicking the link.

The site also features a directory full of trading related websites. Click Brainy to check out the website.

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