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"I AM A FUTURES TRADER" Futures Trading Blog

"I AM A FUTURES TRADER" is a blog kept by a futures trading student of Larry Williams named Chris Johnston. In the blog, Chris talks about developing trades he is considering, some trades he has on the line, as well as general market commentary. He also speaks on subject regarding other aspects of trading. It is a very personable approach to a trading blog. This is one of the reasons it is one of my favourite trading blogs. Most trading blogs I see these days have charts with so many lines on them, you just don't know what's what anymore. They talk about all sorts of stuff, but its not human. It is as if they were created by robots. I AM A FUTURES TRADER is not like that at all.

Some of the things I really like about this particular trading blog, is that Chris really demonstrates strong decisiveness. Decisiveness and confidence in trading are qualities that I have spent a lot of energy trying to develop in myself. Seeing those characteristics displayed in the way Chris writes his blog helps me reinforce those behaviours in myself.

Another thing I really like about his blog is that he uses a completely different trading strategy than I. It seems like he focuses on COT (commitment of traders) as well as seasonal tendencies. I get the impression he uses these methods to set his trading mood and then uses other indicators to execute, to pull the trigger. I don't try to figure his trading system out, rather I just like watching somebody else operate.

I'll say it again, you get a real personal type experience while reading this particular blog. No robots here. You really get the feeling like you're in a room listening to someone speak to you, almost like you were in the common room of a bed and breakfast in the evening time. Very contrary to all those trading blogs that sound like cheap journalists trying to fill empty space with news.

Check out I AM A FUTURES TRADER, it is a good blog.

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