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Futures Trading How Site Review

To sum it up, the website "Futures Trading How" answers the basic question of "What is futures trading?". In this website there are three things that grabbed my attention. The first was the explanation of what is a futures contract that is provided. The second, was that they have a brief description of what candlestick charts are. Third, they demonstrate a technique using something called VPOC charts.

For beginner futures enthusiasts, the following page may be of great value. It describes all the basic things you need to know about futures contracts. It starts with what is a futures contract. It describes futures contract liquidity. It informs us about what "delivery date" in a futures contract means. The page differentiates between futures contracts and forward contracts. The page explains margins, both initial and intraday. There is an explanation of what "tick size" and "tick value" means. Basically, if you go to the CMEGroup website and are looking at the contract specifications and you are having difficulty understanding what is going on, then would do well to read this page: futures trading instructions. It is on the site's main navigation bar running along the left hand side of all the sites pages.

Again, for our beginner futures enthusiasts, we see a nice explanation of how to read candlestick charts. The page tells us what each candle means, a little bit of back ground on this type of chart, and some basic candle patterns and chart patterns to use with this candlestick charts. This information begins on this page candlestick charts.

Another very interesting feature that I found on this website was reference to something called VPOC charts. I am not very well informed regarding this type of chart and how to trade it, but what I can gather is that the VPOC indicator provides volume data regarding where price spends the more time on the chart. I think that this tells us where you may encounter support and resistance levels. The information about the trading system applied here spans several pages, but begins here futures trading system.

Another thing worth mentioning about the site "futures trading how" and its author, is that the author is of Spanish origin. So anyone out there looking to learn futures trading who has Spanish as a first language and English as a second language and is having language related difficulties may find it useful contacting the author. There is a "contact me" button on the site's navigation bar and an open invitation to communicate.

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