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Swing Trading Gas 2012-11-06

The following is an example of me swing trading gas. I have bought natural gas futures at a price of 3.585 at 21:40 my time.

The idea behind this trade is the swing trading principle. I will elaborate further below, and demonstrate with a price chart. This trade is using the December natural gas futures contract.

As I am writing this, Obama has been declared winner for about 15 minutes now. He surpassed 270 seats, with Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and Alaska still in counting. As of writing this, he has won 5 out of 8 "battle states", and it looks like he will probably win the remaining 3. Assuming that he does, that will give him over 300 electoral seats, for what I would call an easy victory. Poor Willard Mitten Romney. Congrats Bronco Bamma.

To be completely honest, I'm a republican at heart (at least I would be if I was American), but that Romney just rubs me wrong. I'll put a lid on it before I start badmouthing poor Willard, but I'm glad he didn't win.

How will this affect the markets? Well, I look forward to finding out!!!

Let us observer a 6o minute trading chart for December gas futures.

swing trading gas

The red line indicates what I would call an MACD divergence. Yes, I know that the price did not make a new low. However, it seems to me like this is a tradable setup anyways. I believe it enough to stake my money on it, and if I'm wrong then my stop-loss order will tell me so.

Since I missed the divergence, my next entry opportunity is the return to the moving average. It is indicated by the green arrow, which also indicates my entry point. Again, I bought using a swing trading gas futures strategy at a price of 3.585 at 21:40 my time. I am using a trailing stop to mitigate my risk exposure.

I am looking for an upward bounce from the moving average, as a continuation of an upward dynamic. I will look for another MACD divergence to provide an exit signal. All the while, I'll be trailing my stop. I will look for my exit signal using the 60 minute chart.

In other markets, gold made a substantial drop, and then rise. Prices did not, however, reach my buying target zone. I am still not in the gold market, but I am hoping to be. I am going to play the waiting game and see if prices get back into that low zone, where I will buy on the next signal provided by the 60 minute chart time frame.

I am also looking for a potential short sell coming up pretty quick in the USDX, and a buy into sugar.


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