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CMC Markets and Trading Education

I recently came across a trading education section of a website called CMC Markets. I found the website while I was learning about spread betting and CFD's. I found CMC Markets to have several strong attributes that I thought I should write about in case any of my readers are comparing brokers for these types of trading products.

The first thing I'd like to mention is that CMC offers a mobile trading app. This is not very common amongst brokers, but depending on your trading style then I could definitely see how many people could find this mobile trading app very useful.

Secondly, I'd like to mention the trading education section of the website that CMC operates. In particular, I was impressed with the extent of their video tutorial collection. The video tutorial collection can be broken down into to categories, trading tutorials and trading platform tutorials.

The CMC Markets trading platform comes with and extensive availability of video tutorials. I am mentioning this because there are a lot of people, perhaps with some degree of computer illiteracy, that have difficulty grasping the use of a technical trading platform. That is definitely one thing that makes this company stand out. The video tutorial library also contains entries explaining the use of its mobile trading platform app. Again, a valuable resource if you are the type of person who has difficulty grasping all the functions of a smartphone, but you want the mobility of a trading platform you can use from your cellular phone.

Complimenting the video library of platform tutorials are the trading tutorials. These tutorials consist of trading techniques and methods explained in a video format with graphic representations to aid understanding of the concepts. There were two tutorials in particular that I enjoyed more than the others:

  • Profit from Trendlines: I liked this video because I can identify with this method as being very similar to what I call "swing trading trends". In my mind this is one of the key principals behind my trading style on 60 minute, daily, and weekly futures trading charts.

  • Creating a Trading Plan: I like this video for beginners, or people that have taken a break from trading due to a losing streak. It reinforces the idea that it is necessary to have a well thought out trading plan covering a trading strategy, entry criteria, and exit criteria. A lot of people make impulsive trades, if you are one of them then watching videos like this may help you solidify stronger trading foundations.

Oh, I forgot to mention that each of the trading education web tutorials is accompanied by a PDF, so that you can combine visual and reading learning into one package.

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