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Saxo Capital Markets Spread Trading & CFD's

While I was investigating what is "spread trading" and "CFD's", I discovered a website by Saxo Capital Markets that I thought had some interesting features for traders looking to explore these particular products. Let me start off by giving a brief description of what spread trading is. Imagine instead of trading in contracts, shares, or units for the different futures, stock, or currency products you trade, but rather trading based on risking a certain amount per tick movement. In other words, you choose a risk amount and that is what you can make/lose per tick movement in the underlying product's price. This is easier for some people to grasp that traditional "contracts" in the futures markets, in which it can sometimes be a little bit complicated to calculate tick value movements. Basically, it is a simpler way of trading with the potential to trade much different quantities that traditional futures, stock, or forex trading.

There were several things that stood out to me as I was going over the information and products available at Saxo Capital Markets. The first being that they do not have a minimum deposit for their "classic account". From what I understand about spread trading and CFD's and Saxo's no minimum deposit (for classic accounts), is that you could potentially open an account and start trading with a relatively small sum of money as compared to traditional futures or stock accounts.

Other features that stood out strongly about Saxo's website were in their webinar section. I found particularly interesting the four following webinars:

  • Economic Strength Boosts Currency Values: This was an interesting introductory level explanation of some of the fundamental economic factors that influence a currency's value. This would be a good read for anyone looking to understand what moves world currencies in the forex markets.
  • Money Management: It was interesting how they used the same risk percentage per trade (2% of total capital) that I've seen other traders talk about. This type of article provides excellent positive reinforcement that strong money management skills are essential, especially to trader's who have a tendency to over expose themselves through leverage.
  • Multiple Time Frames: This is an excellent resource for any level of trader. I love seeing this type of literature, as I am a strong believer of using multiple time frames to execute trades with higher profitability and lower risk margins.
  • Company Fundamentals: This is a good brief introductory article to some of the fundamental influences that can affect stock prices for companies. As with the first mentioned webinar regarding currencies, this is a good resource for someone that is still learning about what forces can affect a stock's price in the markets.

To learn more about spread trading and maybe trade futures, click on the previous link or visit their home page at


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