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Alpari Forex Webinars

I found a forex webinars youtube channel by Alpari that contains a wide variety of trading webinars. Many of them are forex related, so I found many of them to be quite useful and interesting. To the left I have posted a video link to their daily market updates. However, there are other videos which I found to be quite a bit more interesting. They are below.

The above video talks about money management. The video plays is a forex webinar, but is relevant to any king of trading. It breaks money management down into three different aspects and then talk a little about each one. Its always good to have strong money management, and I hope my readers consider it an important theme in their trading.

I also liked this video. It is quite long, but it has some good information in it. It touches on a lot of similar themes as money management, but from a different perspective. It talks about different market participants and why they are in the markets. It talks about the difference between the trading of experienced vs inexperienced traders. The video also goes into big picture and little picture trading perspectives. The site also talks a lot about news and how it affects different trader classes and the markets.

I like watching and reading material like this coming from experienced people who provide insight on the behaviors of other traders, whether they be small traders or large institutions.

The youtube channel also contains a variety of videos regarding charting and technical analysis with indicators, but also contains some videos about fundamental analysis. The channel also contains some instructional videos relating to a trading platform called metatrader 4. There are also the daily market updates and some weekly updates.

All of the videos above were produced by Alpari(UK) and you can learn more by visiting or by visiting their youtube channel.


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