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7 Speed Reading Online Learning Software

I'd like to talk about speed reading and online learning software. If you're anything like me and you want to learn to trade, then you surely read all sorts of books that claim to help you learn trading and learn futures trading. I'm not going to get into the validity of different books and authors that may or may not help you learn to trade, at least not in this post. Check my reviews for books and authors that I recommend, they are listed on the right hand side by category. What I do want to talk about is the volume of books you read.

If you want to get ahead in any game, whether its futures trading, a profession like law or medicine, engineering, or gardening or cooking, then you have to read. You have to read all the time, as much as you can and as wide a variety of materials as you can. No one claims this is easy and it sure as hell takes up a lot of time. That is what I want to talk about, time.

I started training in speed reading about three months ago. I knew that I was on the slow end of average when it came to reading speeds, and I have always been very skeptical about speed readers. However, it just so happened that someone I trusted told me their own positive experiences with reading speed online learning software, so I decided to give the software a try. My reading speed went from about 225-240 words per minute to a little over 400 words per minute in one month. I trained with the software about 10 minutes three or four times a week. That's less than 45 minutes per week, and I essentially doubled my reading speed over one month. I am still steadily improving my reading speed 3 months after my software purchase.

I used to think that dramatic increases in reading speed must be accompanied by decreases in reading comprehension. That was not the case with me. My comprehension actually improved, because I found the task of reading to become less tedious. Before, my mind would wander, a lot. Now, because I read at a speed that can keep up with my mind and thought processes, I don't get bored reading and it is much less tedious. The result is that my retention and comprehension of the materials I read has increased, along with my reading speed.

When I first decided to buy speed reading online learning software, I did some homework and researched the various products available. There are about three or four really good ones, but I choose 7SpeedReading. This particular product offers many levels of advancement, as well as systematic training. After you've gone through the systematic training, you can then use the power reading training to keep your superhuman reading speed high. This learning software also provides warm-up exercises that provide two key functions. First, they let you go into the training exercises already warmed up, so you can take maximum advantage. Second, you can do an ultra quick eye warm-up before you do any reading, be it about how to learn to trade, or for your work. That way, when you read your materials you will already be in speed-reading mode.

If you want to dramatically increase your reading speeds, improve your comprehension, and just plain make reading more enjoyable, then I recommend 7SpeedReading. You can accomplish great results and get ahead of your friends, colleagues, and coworkers in terms of information you can take in in only 10 minutes per lesson just a few times per week.

To learn more about 7SpeedReading click this link.

If you're interested in more online learning related information, and are perhaps considering taking online university courses, there is a website that contains all sorts of information relating to attaining an online bachelors degree and other correspondence based education. I only mention this here because it seems that people spending a great deal of time at home and on the computer and internet may be interested in filling some of the spaces in that time with an academic pursuit.

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