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Commodity HQ

I'd like to talk about a website called Commodity HQ. Their mission statement effectively says that they want to provide educational material to investors, as well as provide information beyond mainstream media headlines. To do this, they provide a consice library as well as ongoing current commodity futures trading articles and news.

One such article that I found to be quite interesting was called "Top 100 Futures Trading Blogs". I always think its interesting to check out what other traders are doing and thinking. I don't mean that I check them out to try and confirm or rebuke my own trades, but rather to examine their trading styles. I NEVER use trading blogs, news, or anything other than my own opinion and analysis to confirm or rebuke my trades, EVER.

Some other "Top Blog lists" that they have on their site include blogs about gold futures trading, crude oil futures trading, natural gas futures trading, and a great myriad of others. One of the great features of this site is the easy to use "search" function. Just go to the site, and type in the subject you want to read about and you'll get a list of articles they've written and published.

Another thing I like about this site is that they don't ignore the little guy. They search the net and other mediums for information. So many sites focus on big names and commercial interests. It seems like these guys want to get information out, regardless of the commercial interests and big names status that other sites revolve around. It makes them seem like more independent type journalists than the writers that frequent many of the other more commercial sites.

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